scientific findings

July 17, 2007 at 9:55 pm

Hi Jason,

I’m so sorry to cast doubt on your discovery – but I hope you’ll at least consider another point of view (keep an open mind as you experiment). Don’t hang your hat on this theory and let it blind you to other, possibly more effective therapies.

Last year, I too, was desperate for a “cure”. I knew there was no cure, but I was willing to accept any theory that would help my daughter regain some functionality. She was 20 at the time – a perfectly healthy, active college kid with a vision for her future. Then cidp. For over a year, she was not able to do the smallest thing for herself – completely dependent on others for her personal care, meals, hygeine, etc. In and out of the hospital constantly.

Ivig for 18+ months every two weeks only kept her from further deterioration, but didn’t seem to improve her condition. PP was out of the question in our area. Steriods were contraindicated due to other factors. We were looking at trying chemo, but the truth is, no one here was confident enough to handle her situation. We were truly desperate.

During this time, I dug my heels in and learned some things about the immune system, neurology, and immunology. Every night, I read complicated medical journal articles, texts, and, yes, various cures and remedies. In the beginning, it took a very long time to digest these theories, but after a while I learned to verify/debunk each claim with published scientific facts. There were many unproven theories, and a very few that may have some significant basis to them. The water cure does not seem to be one of these.

I took a look at the website. Then I did some quick research – any theory making such bold claims is published in a reputable, medical or scientific journal with the purpose of other scientists replicating or disproving the theory. The water cure was first proposed and promoted(as far as I can find) back in 1989 – 1991 by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., yet I could not find one instance of substantiated findings by others in the medical/science community. After all this time, no one else has found the water cure useful for autoimmune illnesses. (aside from ambigous testimonials) Makes you wonder.

I am not trying to discourage you – I think many of us have been at this point at some time or another. Keep reading, keep learning. Just be careful and try to verify the information from different sources. Most importantly, keep your doctor(s) fully informed. Perhaps they will be able to document the effects of an unorthodox treatment and share the outcome with the rest of the world.

I wish you all the best, whatever you choose.