May 7, 2006 at 10:42 am

Hi Norb,
I think many of us will agree that stress does ALOT to us, I know it does to me because I live with stress and can’t always control it. I had a scary thing happen to me, which I call “my dead arm” happened only once and never came back. I had just gone to bed and I realized something was wrong with my arm, it felt “dead”. I raised the effected arm with my other one and it dropped down like a dead lifeless weight. I calmed myself and said “okay, you have to deal with this and figure out how you can get yourself out of bed in the morning” because I am dependent on a walker to transfer myself. Could I do it with one arm. But, morning came and the arm was fine and back to “my normal”. Very scary though because I live with no-one who can help me, must depend on self.

That’s interesting what you said about statin drugs. I have had an ache in my arm around the elbow area for about three/four months now, doctor can’t find anything wrong. I take vytorin, started it maybe about six months ago. Yesterday, I became aware that vytorin can cause “unexplained” muscle pain, hmmmmmmmmm?