Scary as SCARY! Can’t find words for this….

December 5, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Check out the NIH? url
As I believe they are very up to date on this one!
TB is a peculiar illness…. no one knows reallly why some ‘get’ it and others don’t.
I had to do a tb skin punch test ages ago because someone who worked there [and was on extended sick leave] had it. The affected person recovered after about 2-3 years and was just fine afterwards tho.
I admire your diligence about testing Emily! I’d do the exact same thing if she were mine.
As for doing the test? I’d ask your neuro….. My own has suggested flu shots and surgeries be done about 10-14 days after an infusion if on a 28 day schedule. That way, you get the best of the peak effects and don’t wipe them out rite after an infusion. Kind of like being as ‘close to normal’? as one can be? And, some of my surgeries were MAJOR. You get my gist, I hope.
For this kind of thing? I’m gonna hope for NEGATIVES all the WAY! Hope and hugs!