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April 14, 2011 at 9:58 pm

homeagain- I agree, completely, about inadequate doses as a reason for IVIG failure. That could be it’s own subject. I’ll let you start it. It deserves it’s own thread.

Learning that 30% of us may not respond, at least theoretically, regardless of the dose or the frequency of IVIG was the point.

~markens- The devil in the details is exactly right.

That is precisely why I was having the Eureka moment. It was far to easy to read a study focused on the use of IVIG and conclude that every statement was solely about IVIG. As you pointed out ‘treatment’ encompasses much more than just IVIG. Still, it leaves a 20% failure rate in spite of all treatments types, doesn’t it?

Now, I’ve learned twice as much. A CIDP treatment failure rate of 20% overall and of 30% for IVIG!