RR turn progressive?

August 5, 2009 at 8:24 pm

so now my question is still can rr turn to progressive. I know with ms this statistically the way the course goes. let me go into detail on my patterns. 5 years ago it came on like a brick wall. it would come on for about a week and go away mostly ( maybe a few symptoms lingered) for a month. back and forth for 6 months and then poof it went away completely. now it is different. same symtoms but alot milder. I have good days and bad days good hours and bad hours but although milder, this time it is everpresent. I keep waiting for it to subside but it doesnt. I cant tell if the symptoms are getting worse, just that I was able to do more last month than I am now. it has been on for 3.5 months now. so fsuprano that is a question to ask or if I see my neuro first ill ask and then post what I have learned.