April 30, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Hi Rocky! How you doing? Haven’t “seen” you around much lately…

It was thought that I might have some RLS a few years ago, and during that time they tried Requip, which as I understood it, was the “drug of choice” at that time. It’s a Parkinson’s drug, but they give it to RLS patients in about 1/10th the dosage they give to Parkinson’s patients. Which is scary, because even at that ultra-low dosage it was VERY sedating.

But, I was told after that, by another neurologist, that he didn’t know what I had, but, in his words, “it’s NOT RLS. I’ve treated a LOT of RLS, and this ain’t it…”

I would be surprised if it were, to be honest, as this all has just started within the past two months. It would be an incredible coincidence.

If I were a “betting man” (oh, wait, I AM a betting man…:D ), I’d bet that the tremors and fasciculations are related, that maybe the fasciculations are tiring the muscles that they’re causing to twitch, and that fatigue is somehow causing the tremors. My logic behind that is based on thinking about when I’ve over-used muscles in the past (in my pre-neuropathy days)…often I’d get “shaky” because I’d worked my muscles too much. I’m wondering if it’s not the same sort of thing, but on a different level. But, then, I’m no neurologist (as they all keep telling me…)

Who knows…all I know is my hands and arms are tired, and so am I, so I’m gonna stop typing and go to bed! ‘Night, all!