Rituxan first followed by IVIG

November 14, 2008 at 12:54 pm

[QUOTE=Lori McCormick] My understanding of why my doctors are doing both treatments Rituxan & IVIG is the Rituxan will stop the antibodies from forming and the IVIG will remove any that are already attacking my nerves. Perhaps it will sustain the Rituxan for a longer period as well.[/QUOTE]

Very interesting. I wondered about something similar recently…Rituxan first followed by plasmapheresis, first to stop the B cells from forming and then to remove the plasma cells still producing the antibodies. Perhaps with your diagnosis the IVIG will do the trick.

What symptoms do you have, Lori? Do you have symmetric neuropathy (both sides evenly)? Both sensory and motor (one more than the other)?
It would be interesting to know, if you can find out, exactly what your diagnosis was. Feedback regarding the treatment of CIDP with Rituxan is of huge interest to me and others here on the forum.

Thanks for your input Lori.