Retuximab maybe

January 15, 2009 at 6:38 pm

I have just joined the site and not sure if were talking about the same reatment but I have Antimag Neuropathy diagnosed about two years ago now after a few years of doctors telling me to do foot exercises etc yeah right.
Last year I had a course of Retuximab treatment it seemed to help me over a long period of months but im now awaiting another course being planned by my specialists.
Love to chat to anyone suffering this same problem.

[QUOTE=Allaug]I seem to remember that some-one (or more) wrote about successful treatment of CIDP using Rituxan alone and\or combined with some other medication. This was on the “old” forum sometime between January this year and the hacking of the forum.

It would be very nice if that\those person(s) could retell his\her\their story(ies), because it is important information since so few are yet to get this option.