Reply To: Update one year after diagnosis with CIDP

April 4, 2012 at 10:50 am

I am glad to read such a succes story, especially because my disease started a year ago as well. Unfortunately it took me half a year to get the diagnosis. I am on dexamethason (a kind of prednison) now and the only good thing is that I did not get worse a lot. Having read a lot of stories on this forum I think in the USA is a bit more experience than in Europe / the Netherlands, but of course I am not sure about that. And I must say that I suffer from the rare variant of this rare disease: MADSAM / Lewis-Sumner / Multifocal CIDP. The main problems are in my right foot and left hand, some problems in my right hand but it slowly increases to my lower leg and lower arms. So I really would like to get into contact with other patients who suffer from this variant. Especially to learn something about what my future will look like.
Hope to read from you
Kind regards