Reply To: The Language of Polyneuropathy

February 11, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Dick S- I couldn’t describe the numbness better!! I am the same way.. it feels like I have thick socks on – though they are all the way up to my face!!! 🙂 I guess since It shows up on the neuros exams each time (not on the NCV at all, but their pin prick, vibration and cold/hot) they seem to understand. when they ask me if my toe is up or down, I looked at them since I didn’t think it was up OR down! I thought it was in it’s normal neutral position! .. this stuff is crazy!!! Are all of yalls reflexes diminished? I’ve always had brisk reflexes (i’m a thin female, which apparently they say has something to do with it).. and they are still normal/brisk, but apparently my arms are diminished and sometimes unattainable.. though I sware that varies from Dr to Dr SOOO much.. I could never be a neurologist.. too much subjectivity!