May 15, 2013 at 3:59 am

Hi Sherrill. So glad you connected with me . My husband was diagnosed with a small fibre variant of GBS in 2010. He was treated in New York ( we lve in Ontario Canada) with 4 rounds of IVIG after over 8 weeks of symptoms.
He had recovered almost 95% until this Easter , after a stomach virus , developed parasthesis- slow digestion and lots of nausea accompanied by the “belt” like feeling in his abdomen, pain in the upper and lower back, buttocks and now his left leg is loosing stability.

Last time all limbs were affected and some cranial involvement but this time is is the torso.

He is seeing Dr Bril in Toronto this week and hope she will shed some light and hopefully treatment on this latest flare up.

Where are you located? do you have access to IVIG. In Canada it is almost impossible to have IVIG unlesd you present with total paralysis or unable to breathe….very discouraging.