Reply To: SSDI, GBS and motorcycle riding

March 6, 2012 at 2:56 am

I need to be stronger in that I need to have more stamina than I do now. Riding is (or was) very relaxing for me. But at that time I was strong and had no stamina issues at all. I could ride 500 miles in a day, I was tired but I was ok. 3 hours in the saddle feels like 6 or 8 in a car. It tires you much faster–mostly due to vibration, noise and the inability to shift around like you can do in a car or truck. You are basically immobile until you stop. Relaxation will be more difficult for me at least till I have less issues with stamina and leg and foot pain. I have adequate strength, in that I can easily get it off the side or center stand and even lean it over pretty hard and get it up right again. I could not however pick it up if it were to fall over completely. You have to be able to pick it up in an emergency. My bike is near 600 lbs. Hand dexterity is important to be able to safely handle the handlebar switchgear i.e. throttle, front brake, clutch, lights and horn. You ABSOLUTELY have to be able to quickly and safely work all those controls and do it oft times simultaneously (all of ’em!) My hands aren’t there yet nor my feet. And your head has to be all there, all the time. Mine isn’t yet. Still having to take Gabapentin and that stuff puts a fog in my head. I’ve been down twice–have a 15″ titanium rod in my left leg from the last one. I really want to ride again and one day I will but I need to be 100% first. Or close enough to smell it!