Reply To: Six Weeks Off of IVIG – Hoping For Remission

February 22, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Hi Goodney,
Good luck to you we will say a prayer for you. When we have done this in the past, our neuro did a ncv/emg to establish where we were and then there was no question when we came back with symptoms and he did another ncv/emg. We made it six months, it was so exciting. As we started getting the symptoms back, they were difficult to decipher between residuals, doing too much etc. So he did another ncv/emg and compared it to the one 6 months prior to be sure. As well, it made it easy to get reapproval for insurance.

Just so you know, there is this study I have from a while ago and people DO go into remission, at any age, after all different amounts of time on ivig so it does happen and it can happen for you. We just were not lucky last time around. I think we are going to try again this summer. I just wanted to give you our experience regarding the pro-active measures for the ncv/emg comparison for dx sake and approval for ivig should you need it again.

Best wishes and hope sent your way!! Keep us posted.