Reply To: Second try on SubQ

March 4, 2012 at 4:39 am

starli thanks for the details. I go to my neuro on Monday and will bring him this info. I will just sit down and type that appeal letter for him – and hand him the pen for his signature (now wouldn’t that be a fun and new patient/doctor relationship?)
I am suffering such nerve pain and the oral medications don’t cut it. A day and a half after the IVIG I find myself thinking about my kids, my family, church, laundry, work, etc etc – and realize at 3 pm I hadn’t once thought about my legs, back, etc. That is what life is supposed to be – isn’t it?
Now, without the ivig, I wake up when it’s still dark, roll over to take medicine, wake up again right before dawn, take some more – and then eventually crawl out of bed to the shower (and a good cry there, waiting for everything to kick in). Ah – but then I see my children and I can begin my “real day.” sub q will be a perfect solution for me – I won’t have to life with a morning cry or a midnight howl.
Will let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for being the wind in my sails today – I needed it 🙂