Reply To: Second try on SubQ

March 1, 2012 at 3:19 am

starli and selahsmom:
THANK YOU for taking the time to post your info and good news. I have been trying to get my subQ approved from BC/BS but so far no go. Insurance co says I do not have enough body mass/fat/weight to handle the neuro dose concentration. I am on 25 IV of Gamagard/week. I am 5’8″ (and shrinking!), and weigh approx 118. Very thin bone structure (20+ years on low dose prednisone has done a number on me, incl. my bones!).

Selahsmom: It sounds from your posts that your daughter is thin. I am interested to know how you got insurance to approve it.
I suffer greatly from the side effects from iv IVIG and need another solution. Sub Q seems like the perfect solution to that challenge. I also have advanced Stiff person Syndrome, which is also treated with IVIG. I need the med, just can’t live with the iv side effects. Which is worse? the life threatening side effects from a reaction to the iv IVIG or the life zapping effects from my illnesses? Hmmm? The choices we face!
Any info you can add will be greatly appreciated. I see my neuro on Monday – he is all for the subQ and is open to any/all info on sub Q as well as contact info for Drs who have had success in getting it approved.

Thanks to you both for giving me hope that someday my life might be….will be…..more than a patient and back to a full time mom, a wife, a teacher, a community member…..who takes her medicine and goes about her living, loving and full life!