Reply To: rituxin treatments

April 4, 2013 at 9:19 pm

i haven’t tried the anti-inflammatory diet–is it easy to follow?  Most of my damage from the cidp is my feet, ankles and calves. poor balance, drop feet and walking difficulty.  yes, the process of finding a treatment that works is frustrating, mainly the long waiting period after each to see if it will work. I got excited that the rituxin was going to work, i got many sensory changes in the beginning, pain where i usually had numbness, itching, burning and cramping–i know normally these don’t sound good–but they are when they replace numbness.

I never really got any significant strength increase  though. so between that and the insurance company balking at it Im now back on ivig until the next treatment is decided.  If i dont get accepted for sct then i hope the new dr i just found will start me on high dose cytoxin. its one of his specialties, which is why i switched to him.

I think the downfall for rituxin is that it targets b cells, but i dont think there is any simple way to test if the cidp is from b or t cells. with the stem cell tranplant they deplete both your b and your t cells.  so my hope is that wherever this crap is coming from—-as long as they are sure it is coming from my immune system, the sct should do the trick.     When are you due again for another rituxin treatment?  My dr told me when i was doing it that i should see effect in a few months, then i read studies on it where some didnt see improvement until after 6 months.