Reply To: Relapse?

July 21, 2012 at 2:56 pm

You mention that you were dx w/gbs then cidp, I did not see mention of regular ivig treatments. Have you been treatment free the whole time? If so, you could have hadgbs and nowthe pregnancy could have brought on another bout of gbs. There was one young woman about five years ago who had cidp and recvd regular treatments but stopped during pregnancy, after the pregnancy she went into remission (she did not get treatments during but after the birth and then stopped) . It seems like you need to get another doc that will at least do another ncv/emg until you can get to a neuro. You don’t have to have a neuro order that (at least we did not, we have bcbs ppo) He referred us to a neuro that did ncv/emg’s. At least with tangible proof that there is an active demylienation, he would have to consider that your symptoms are not depression. Based on your statement of needing a referral, it sounds like you have an hmo. If so, should your symptoms get worse before you get the appointment, you should seriously consider the ER should your symptoms worsen. If you have recurring gbs, things could go south rather quickly without ivig or some other intervention. With a new baby you would probably be better off staying ahead of the situation. If you went to the er, they might even order the ncv/emg or a spinal if you give them your history. Do you have any of your old records to bring them? (old ncv/emg) Good luck and keep us posted. If you go on the archives you can look up a member named Alice, she lives somewhere in the Bay area I think, maybe she can help you with a doctor name. Maybe some one on the site will read this and give you her face book page info.