Reply To: recovery, Exercise, and Vaccines for itnernational travel

April 9, 2012 at 10:53 pm

Kinda of a VERY late update here (almost 4 years) but I did finally get the nerve up to fly internationally again, and elected to go the safe route, and hit an area of the world I love the history from, but had never visited. I flew to England for a Friend of mines brothers wedding, and she and I traveled all over the place in England and Scottland. It was a great trip, and no ill effects from the flight, or the tons of walking and hiking around the streeet and hills of the various sites we saw there.

I know this is pretty tame to start with compared to many, but I have found over the years since my diagnosis with GBS that I tend to get faigued much more quickly than I would like even though my actual symptoms of paralysis in my legs, face and arms have improved a TON since I wrote this initial forum posting. I still am very weak in the upper thigh area of my legs, but my hands dexterity is almost back to what I remember it being (some fairly regular typo’s when my hands fail to keep up with what my brain is telling them to type), and I am trying to slowly get back into more exercise programs that push my limits more so I can try and be in better shape when I start hitting other areas of the world I want to travel to.

So overall I’d have to say I am very lucky in my current situation. I am still SLIGHTLY limited physically for normal day to day activities, and moderately limited in things like jogging or running, with some imbalance, and fatigue but its not debilitating enough for me not to gte on with life, my biggest issues over the last few years have been forcing myself to get back out with friends and family instead of cocooning myself at home with the internet and some occasional excusions with friends.

does anyone have any recommendations on exercise programs that have worked for you to improve sength in nerve damaged areas of your body, particularly legs?