Reply To: Proximal and distal weakness anyone?

February 24, 2012 at 4:17 am

When I get weak, I think it’s in my legs and hips. When I go for my daily walk, everyone walks faster than me. Then I know, there’s something wrong. I get this off and on weakness. Even walking up a hill that’s only a little steep, I feel I have only limited power in my thighs and legs. I still have trouble trying to stand up from a stooping position.
My hands are pretty strong now. Before, I had hardly any strength to squeeze a sponge–Both my hands were very numb. Before being diagnosed, I had trouble walking up the stairs. Eventually I couldn’t even walk up the stairs or down at all, like I was paralyzed. One time, when I stepped up onto the curb, but missed it and fell. I think that was the beginning of my weakness now that I look back at how it all started.