Reply To: Proximal and distal weakness anyone?

February 23, 2012 at 3:28 am

Thanks Lori!! My first symptom I noticed was in my right leg… one night (this is after I had been battling GI symptoms and just not feeling well for a few weeks) I noticed my right knee felt “floppy”.. then a few days later my hips felt awkward.. i tried to run and realized I couldn’t.. I waddled wierdly! Then I woke up a few weeks later and both of my hands had been hit… I noticed first thing when I grabbed my phone to turn off the alarm, then toilet paper, lightswitches .. holding mascara.. they were normal the day before and then BAM they just didn’t work right.. Around that time I started being unable to sleep due to the tingling/crawling/numbness/asleep feeling in my right leg, up to my knee, then hip then hands it crept up to my elbows shoulders then face.. all within about 2 months or so? Everyone kept telling my they thought it was due to me being numb that I felt weak.. (all my neuro exams I guess I showed pretty bad numbness and proprioception loss).. my tongue and speech were hit then soon after swallowing breathing.. ugh.. haha.. it’s just crazy sometimes when I think about it! I was carrying my kids, working a full time demanding job, working out and breastfeeding .. the IUD perforated and it’s been downhill since!
It’s strange it seems that this recent relapse hit my hips especially hard.. After my 2nd IVIG I could walk normall again – no more waddling!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I could run even, and ran normally, not that I was jogging, but just playing with my kids outside.. and now I can barely walk.. I’m worried that I’ll be in a wheelchair soon if yesterdays IVIG doesnt’ work, I’ve had a bunch of near falls the past week, and feel like i’ll dislocate both my hips they are so weak! ๐Ÿ™