Reply To: Prednisone journey blog

May 17, 2012 at 6:58 am

My conversation with my neuro was that we would progress at 60 mg until we saw some clinical improvement. I expect it to be a couple of months at this high dose, and then the process of getting off the corticosteroids. The first day I took a 20 mg pill. I also take quite a bit of pain meds. Morphine and prn percosets. I take keppra for nerve pains and muscle relaxers for my back. Knowing that prednisone is a huge anti-inflammatory and has the ability to reduce or eliminate muscular/skeletal pains, I am also trying to reduce my narcotic intake. Both at the same time. I think I am nuts.
Well, after the first week, I have reduced my morphine by half, used only 1 percoset all week and muscle relaxers twice at night. I have tried to watch what I am eating and have started drinking more water and less tea. (iced tea for all you non-southerners). I take the prednisone in the morning with food. All 60 at once. I still am having problems sleeping, as yu see by my post time. Today I didn’t take it until 11:00 am. It is nearly 3 am and I have to be up by 7:30 to shower for work. Looks like a goofy day ahead. I ate three times today, but have been able to keep my weight steady. Last time I did prednisone I gained from 275 to 335. I don’t want those prednisone pounds back. they were hard enough to lose the first time. My foot pains are down, and overall I am feeling the positive effects of the steroids on my body. The last time I felt great until my reduction dose got down to 20 mg every other day. See you next week.