Reply To: Post Miller Fisher

July 11, 2013 at 5:33 am

I contracted Miller Fisher in March of 2013, and was teaching 4th grade, my 27th year in the classroom, in fact. My residuals kept me from going back for the rest of the school year. After taking a year off, my doctor pronounced me disabled, and I resigned. This was huge for me, for I had been teaching my entire adult life, and loved it. GBS was truly a “forced pause” and it took my life to an entirely new direction. With chronic fatigue, soreness, balance issues, and double vision which did not go away by itself, I was living in an entirely different body, it seemed. After having surgery to correct my vision, I began teaching piano lessons in my own home. I learned I could indeed do this and rather enjoyed it. And, now, some 13 years later, I have 30 students and believe I’ve found what I truly love doing at this stage in my life, at 62. A strange turn of events, which I would not wish on anybody, turned out to be a blessing. We simply cannot see what lies ahead, only the present moment. By the grace of God, if I can hold out open hands each morning, and take each day as a gift even though handicapped, joy does come.