Reply To: Port-a-cath

October 30, 2013 at 9:23 pm

Thanks to all who responded to my original post. Your words of encouragement helped alot. Just a quick progress report. My Power port was installed last Thursday with no problem. Didn’t need pain meds other than a couple of Tylenol. I am back to doing all my regular chores, no restrictions. Today my infusion nurse used the port for the first time. The intial stick hurt quite a bit, but not worse than getting multiple sticks to get IV started. I did notice that I got extremely tired during the last half of my infusion, nearly fell asleep. I was also lightheaded and had a mild heaviness in my chest after this infusion. I haven’t had these symptoms before. These have all now resolved, but am wondering if anyone else experienced symptoms that they hadn’t had before, following the placement of their port?