Reply To: No Recovery For Some

February 16, 2012 at 7:49 am

*hug* I know what you are going through. I am almost at the 6 year mark and still have so many issues. I am angry, depressed, in pain, and feel as if i should just say to hell with it, this really is as good as it gets. Life will never get any better. I too realized hope was a waste of time after thinking “when I hit 5 years it will all be okay!”. Bull. The stats are as bad as the doctors knowledge of what we live with. I am so glad some recover, face it, accept it, whatever. I still don’t have the answers I need about how much damage was done, I don’t have to wear braces and am not in a wheelchair as of yet, but that does not mean I do not hurt terribly and have maddening limitations that vary so much that living within them is impossible. Please know, you are not alone. It is not all hearts and rainbows and quite honestly trying to stay positive is pretty difficult. I wish that you will find relief and solace somehow and that maybe just knowing someone understands will help ease your mind.

Peace be with you