Reply To: No Recovery For Some

February 17, 2012 at 2:17 pm

I’m not sure I have the adequate words to combat all the negativity and broken spirit evident in Mr. LaMarr’s post. I’m sorry that he feels this way. I guess it’s pretty natural to want to play the “blame game”, but I find no solace in that approach, only bitterness and self deprivation. In the end, how we deal with this terrible illness will ultimately decide how we choose to function in life. Will we spend our time locked in lamentation and regret or find new meaning for our lives? Being almost 3 years into the recovery phase of GBS, I continue to strive for and notice improvement. My glass will always be half full, and I will not give up hope for a better me in the future. Indeed, GBS is a challenge that no one asked for, but given the options that are available to me I have chosen acceptance for this day allied with faith that each day will bring something good into my life. Today there is a beauty in this world that I so often took for granted when I was well. I write this with an attitude of gratitude and the wish that good things continue to happen in your lives. Don’t give up!!