Reply To: No Recovery For Some

February 17, 2012 at 2:35 am

Hedley I’m sorry to read your post. I am 21 months post GBS. I still have hand and foot numbness and don’t know if it will go away. I spent 2 weeks in a coma and 2 months unconscious. Over 4 months paralyzed from the neck down. Lost almost everything I own. BUT I’m still alive and I have a family that still loves me. I found so very manypeople in the hospitals and rehab units that were in wheelchairs with no chance of ever coming out of one. My OT is 47 with GBS from 30 yrs ago. She is still in a chair with limited use of her hands. And she is the sweetest, loving and caring lady I will ever meet. Has a son 11 yrs old and a loving husband she met 15 yrs ago. And she doesn’t feel sorry for herself. I honestly know your pain and sadness but you somehow need to try to look at those around you and try to move your focus off of yourself and shift it to them. It’s not easy but unless you do your life will not get easier but will get intolerably worse. I care, honestly I do.