Reply To: Newbie in Hawaii

August 13, 2013 at 4:36 am

First infusion, I did prepare for the worst, as I over hydrated and then had to roll the IV into the john 8-9 during the 4 hour procedure. Tylenol was give and I also asked for benadryl, which was given in an IV drip.

This was the first time the nurse had given IvIg for CIDP. Everything went well.

The IV needle was left in my vein, so swimming is definitely out. I felt only a slight nausea, a headache that was minor and quickly disappeared. I did however feel very fatigued and napped for two hours.

After I awoke, I then walked two miles in my backyard (I have a big yard).

If I had not looked into this forum and other resources, regarding the hydration and benyedrl, I would have most likely had a very different experience.

Preparing for infusion 2 tomorrow with the same plan.