Reply To: New Website Changes Coming Soon

July 2, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Hi GH, I agree with your comment about this NOT being a social networking site as well as the foundation NOT wasting resources on such programs. But honestly, the PM feature allows people to comfortably discuss in a private manner subjects that they may feel are “private” . I know I enjoyed the feature to discuss things with people that others might feel sensitive about etc. For instance, my older son is going into college and I wanted to ask a particular person their opinion about vaccines but I was afraid to upset you knowing your stance on vaccines. Things are starting to SLOWLY get back to normal and keeping touchy subjects private might help to keep things moving forward. Incidentally we did get the vaccine, I weighed the pro’s and cons. It was the DTP and being that my son is going into mechanical engineering there was an increased probability that he would cut himself as well herd protection for diptheria and pertusis may not be that strong because of foreign students. (pertusis outbreak was high in the particular county of this school) I have to admit I am still praying and watching for reactions I am hoping that the law of averages would not allow two children to get cidp!!