Reply To: New to CIDP and IVIg, side effects

June 22, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Hi Caveman. Sounds like you are getting a loading dose over a week period. I suspect you won’t want to work that week based on my husband’s experience with his loading dose. He didn’t have much advice prior to his loading dose. Drinking lots of water a few days prior to treatment and during treatment is critical as IVIG is a very viscous substance. Without the water you may wind up with killer headaches–hubby did. Also he started taking a couple of Naprosyn and a dose of Benydryl pre IVIG and that really helped as well. He has been getting IVIG monthly since 2007 and still is wiped out for a couple of days after his treatments i.e. tired and not feeling like doing lots. Then he feels good. Best of luck with your treatments.