Reply To: nerve healing process

November 23, 2012 at 4:07 am

Lori:  My neurologist explained that he uses the inserted needle electrodes only in the motor nerves because the sensory nerves are too small.  The needle electrode was inserted up in the calf, with patch electrodes applied to the foot.  Then, if I tensed that muscle, there were jagged lines moving all over the screen and a lot of crackle.  When I was told to relax the muscle,  the crackling and jazzy lines diminished quickly – but he was disappointed to see the residual activity level.  He then told me that this test showed there was still active “irritation, inflammation, of that nerve” and therefore the auto-immune damage was still occurring.

Remember that, so far as I know, I have anti-MAG and not CIDP – so I am just assuming that the message from the inserted needle test applies to either condition.  Ann