Reply To: Need tips on recovery

June 19, 2012 at 1:07 am

It seems to me that i had the same case of you, cause i only suffered the loss of my strenght in arms, legs, back amd neck. I spemt a week too, but the only difference is that i didn’t receive any treatment like IVIG cause the docs told me that in mikd cases its better to avoid the IVIG. Today has been 2 months of that week in the hospital, and i feel just like your posts, i can walk, i can run but it will kill me, but i feel like my arms are weaker than my legs and my hands too. I’m 20 years old. So before this GBS i played competitive soccer, and had perfect physic state.
I can read that you post this in Febreaury, can you tell me how are you nowadays please? Cause i’m really concerned