Reply To: my rituxin experience

June 12, 2012 at 3:00 am

11 days since first rituxin infusion. Have had more internal energy–less fatigue. Sensory has changed some in feet, hard to explain, even though they are numb still they feel different??? I guess something only those of you experiencing sensory loss will understand.
A lot more fascilations, mainly on both legs in the inner knee area, which is strange since its below my knees—calves and feet affected by the cidp. Hopefully this isn’t the cidp spreading upward. feet still very old, but calves do not seem as cold–then again weather has been a little warmer too. Other than that not much change. I didnt really expect any this soon, so no disappointment yet. I was reading a study of rituxin for cidp in a link someone here posted for me….it said of the 13 people tried on it 9 responded favorably. of the 9 the average time to see results was 2 months.
My next infusion is thursday of this week (second infusion) then i will have nothing to do for the next 6 months except wait and see if it’s going to work.
thank you everyone for your well wishes, will post again on thursday after the infusion. hoping it goes as well as the first.