Reply To: my rituxin experience

October 10, 2012 at 2:40 am

Raymond,lot’s of good info there on the immune system—-guess i will have to do some googling—which i have done tons of since getting this crap. yes, i had read the itialian artical on rituxin.

my igg and igm are high, not extremely, but above the normal limits.  The rest are all normal. i dont have any other diagnosis except the cidp. my symptoms are numbness and weakness in the calves and feet.  The antibody i have is VGKC, which may or may not be a  prelude for cancer. i have had a thorough work-up and no cancer detected. I have never seen an immunologist, only neuro-muscular.

I think the Drs and hospital who administered my rituxin just assumed insurance would cover–as i did–because i had failed the other treatments , it is a lot less expensive than the ivig, and immunosuppressants were the next step.  i  guess the mistake was–none of us realized the insurance company wanted to select which immuno. for me to use–and i took the drs choice instead.