Reply To: Mitochondria

January 3, 2013 at 6:48 am


I just saw this post after responding to your other.  The comments will overlap some.

I can guarantee that you have mitochondria, we all do.  Without them, we would die.  Their function is intimately linked to the energy production in the cells.  My guess, based on a general understanding, not specific knowledge, is that the neurologist is concerned that you have some mitochondrial-based neuropathy, which is a common type of mitochondrial disease.   Mitochondrial disease is a bit more common than CIDP, so it is not unreasonable to suspect a mitochondrial disease.  I hope you get your test results back soon.

Have you had a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) study done?  This is the type of study that can help distinguish between demyelination and other types of neuropathy.  I believe that it is generally considered an essential test in diagnosing CIDP, so I presume you had one.  Do you know what the results showed?

Godspeed in finding a clear diagnosis,