Reply To: Miller Fisher – Double Vision worsening!

October 2, 2013 at 12:02 am


I had MFS in June this year. I was working in Spain and after having just got over a very bad cold I went sunbathing for a a couple of hours I had a week of what seemed like severe sunstroke but which got so bad over the next week ie dizziness, ability to walk disappearing and double vision that I also thought I’d had a stroke.

I was admitted to hospital on Sunday and the neurologist I saw on Monday immediately identified Miller Fisher. I had the classic trio of ataxia, double vision and loss of reflexes. All the standard tests were done which later confirmed his diagnosis. I had six days of IVG and stayed in hospital for ten days.

Double vision and ataxia have gone, reflexes are back, but the problem is the profound fatigue for which I have had limited improvement. Perhaps connected with this, I have loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping and sweat a lot at night. I believe this may be a result of damage to the autonomic nervous system.

Did your fatigue finally clear up completely?