Reply To: lookin for a friend

March 25, 2012 at 11:37 pm


You are going to find great support and advise on this site. Your case sounds alot like mine in that there was a long period between symtoms and Diagnosis. I am about 18 months in and was officially diagonosed 3 weeeks after 1st symtoms appeared at which time i rcieved IVIG. Not entirely sure how effective it was. Like you my case is considered “mild”. Keep focused on the fact that you will get bettter. Like you I never lost the ability to walk but for long distance I was being pushed in a wheelchair just 12 months ago. Water classes, weightlifing and just getting out and walking outside on an indoor track were the things that seemed to help me the most. Alot is said about resting and I agree in the early stages in is crucial not to over exert yourself. At the same time to rebuild lost muscle mass takes nutrition and work (exercise).

As many will tell you it is a long and slow road but you will get better.

Take care and we are thinking of you!