Reply To: Kinda Lost

October 19, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Hi Josh, check out the foundations list of people who have had gbs orcidp and are willing to help others, there used to be a person in South Dakota I think if not SD then ND. Also you do not give all of your specifics ie how you were dx or your duration of illness. I only ask this because you mention the surgeries. Have you been tested (blood test) for CMT, Charcot marie Tooth? People with CMT present diagnostically similar to gbs/cidp, we fell into that category. With our first ncv/emg we were told it was cmt only to find out the ncv/emg study is the same for gbs/cidp and cmt. After the spinal was how we were able to confirm. Check it out what do you have to lose?