Reply To: Is the plasma exchange working??

February 12, 2012 at 4:08 pm

hmmm.. Im thinking maybe my Dr is ignoring my message in order to have me wait the two months she originally wanted???
I have called and noted that there were some minor sensory changes but no major strength increase from the PE and should we set up another round or move onto rituxin. No answer yet. She could be waiting to hear from Dr Dyck too, she set me up for a second opinion with him back in June, so she still confers with him over my “atypical case”
Another thing I need to take into consideration, is while there having the PE, it was discovered that i was anemic. I started on iron about 3 weeks ago, the day i finished the last exchange. The low iron could be contributing to fatige and weakness and masking some of the PE benefits?