Reply To: I don't understand -Help

February 15, 2012 at 12:04 am

Tom and Hutsky,

Thank you both for your comments, it’s very helpful to have others agree that a second opinion is worthwhile. The good news is that my mom IS improving, albeit very slowly. Two friends who hadn’t seen her for 3 weeks visited yesterday and were delighted to see the changes in her. I look for these each day and cheer her on when I see even the smallest thing, like being able to tap fingers together. Those are huge!

The other piece of good news is that yesterday I remembered a family friend who is a neurologist at a local university hospital. While she does not treat GBS, she willingly recommended two colleagues who do treat GBS patients. We are all greatly relieved with this; it feels good to be moving forward on finding a different neurologist.

Finally, GBS-CIDP Foundation Int’l sent me a packet of information which contained an article about pain and GBS. The timing was perfect as last week my mom reached a new part of the acute phase which is even more painful (which I didn’t think possible). The article on pain spoke to this specific pain which was reassuring to my mom.

Thanks again for your good wishes. What a cruel disease!