Reply To: HRT and CIDP

October 5, 2012 at 11:07 pm

Hi there- sorry to hear of your difficulties- I had similar issues- I am 46 have 2 children also normal pregnancies – had to stop hormones which I was taking to control bad menstrual migraine due to concerns about estrogen and risk for blood clots from having cidp and also Lupus-  I was having a lot of bleeding and have fibroids as well- I elected to have a uterine ablation- an alternative to hysterectomy- relatively minor procedure – it went well and I am pleased.  My other choice was the Mirena which is a good option for many.  I was just asked at the Mayo clinic for check up of CIDP see Dr Dyck there- asked him about SQ as I get infusion every 10 days now- he says he wants to wait until studies are done- he believes insurance won’t cover in CIDP until studies are done- I would love to switch- how did you get it covered?  Good luck to you and hope my experience helps.