Reply To: How many of us work?

October 17, 2013 at 2:45 am

I agree that physical labor should not be overdone while recovering from CIDP. My rehab doctor advised me not to overexert myself and she was right. Overexertion can be exhausting and it can take a day or more to recover from work that a normal person would bounce back from with a short rest. It was a year and a half out before I felt I didn’t have this effect. A few times I did some heavy work prematurely, and it was much more difficult than it would be for a normal person because people with CIDP reach exhaustion so much sooner. If your work is of this nature, then you need to get back into it carefully to see what you can tolerate.

Another aspect is how long yoy can stay on your feet. Although my recovery has been good, and I can walk with only minor disability, I cannot stay on my feet for a long time because the pain increases the longer I am on them.

Then there is the pattern of your disorder. If you are fortunate and do not have relapses it will be easier than if you are frequently fighting off relapses.