Reply To: help getting BCBS approvial for Rituxan treatment of CIDP

June 15, 2012 at 1:45 pm

thank you JoMama for the info. Your story is similar to mine. I have done the ivig and plasma x/c both worked but minimaly, didnt hold me for long. I am able to walk unaided ,but slower, and very bad balance. My hands and arms are fine, not affected by the cidp at this point. I still work full time as well–which is good since thats how i maintain my insurance. I was diagnosed and started on ivig in june of 2009 (3 years ago)
I have had two 1000mg infusions of the rituxin in the past two weeks—-i hope it works as well as yours did. If it does work for me I will mention to my Dr of how your dr goes by the cidp symptoms and not the 6 month regimen. I didnt question that when we originally talked because i just thought maybe there was some manufacturers reason why rituxin could only be done every 6 months. From what i have read it seems to be because it is believed the b cells take 6 months to replenish.
Do you just have regular cidp ? Most of the people here on the board who have used rituxin have a different type—anti-mag.
Mine is considered “atypical” cidp but not anti-mag. Normally I don’t have pain, but have noticed some different sensations since the rituxin infusions. Did you get an increase in pain or sensations with the rituxin? Lori