Reply To: Help-Considering Stem Cell Transplant

January 12, 2013 at 1:57 am

Chemo is a must this is what helps start the mobilization phase of the “havest” it is 1 overnight in the hospital & about 2 weeks overall for the harvest process. The Chemo used is Cytoxin. The heavy (hi dose) chemo comes in during the final phase  that requires about 3 weeks inpatient. there are 6 days of chemo – cytoxin & rabbit atg.  then your stem cells added back to restart your immune system that was just wiped out.

Look into & apply (that part’s non-commital & free) the rest is detail too long to write here. I did meet a 23 yr female who underwent the same protocal for MS 2 yrs ago & she looked perfectly normal to me. she told me she would do it aginn despite the gruelling process. However, she had been wheelchair bound & nearly blind in one eye. she said it gave her an (almost) normal life back.

for me _55yr male. I have only dealt with the disease for about 18 months but it knocks me down hard despite weekly IVIG infusions. I got into the program as quickly as I could despite my local neurologist believing it was too risky.

Depends where you are, as a parent of a 20 & 23 yr old. it would be a heart wrenching decision.

I’m traveling down that path now & in Chicago where I will have my stem cells harvested in 3 days (monday)

Godspeed to you that thru some miracle this disease goes into remission for you.