Reply To: help, advise, support… please

February 4, 2013 at 7:11 am

ysaez, CIDP is often confused with GBS because the symptoms are similar. Both are distinguished from other neuropathies by a spinal fluid test and nerve conduction tests. But GBS reaches its lowest point in eight weeks or less. If the condition is worsening after eight weeks, it is likely CIDP instead. I was initially diagnosed with GBS, but am now considered to have CIDP.

CIDP is treated with IvIg, as is GBS, but also steroids (not used for GBS) and some other drugs. Some patients have regular IvIg infusions. Sometimes plasme exchange works better. I had IvIg, which wasn’t much help, then had PE. I also took steroids, but am no longer on them, and immunosuppressants.