Reply To: Hello, I'm new here and looking for a little help

March 8, 2013 at 8:52 pm

I have only been treated with antibiotics because of the initial diagnosis of Lyme.  The CIDP diagnosis has come in the last couple of weeks by 2 neurologists, although they are leaning towards “something autoimmune” as my presentation is not classic anything at this point.  The weakness and atrophy in my feet are symmetrical at this point, but the right foot started first and was followed shortly thereafter by the left.  My right shoulder blade started years ago, but then the left kicked in last year.  The speech issues started last year as well.

Its amazing the variability of signs and symptoms in this rheumo/neuro realm of medicine.  I’ve heard so many people say it took years to get a dx and find treatment that helped.  I appear to be in that boat as well.  I’m waiting for my neurologist to get back to me so we can start IVIG and see what happens.  The supplement realm is very murky indeed, but I seem to hear over and over that plant sterols, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants help autoimmune disease.  But as you say, there is no established cause and effect relationship empirically.

I’m just curious if other people have these other weird things come up in bloodwork.  This is why mixed connective tissue disease is also on the table for me (as I’m negative for lupus) because the neurological issues are only part of the problem.  But they are certainly the most disconcerting.  I know that autoimmune disease often come in packages, and I have a little bit of family history .

Thanks so much for your input.