Reply To: Has it really been 14 years?

January 18, 2013 at 9:16 pm

Well! I certainly enjoyed reading your story Matt. Not that your story ia uplifting because it certainly is not. I enjoyed your story because it is well told and entertaining. Not entertaining in the sense that one might be entertained by reading of another’s misfortune but entertaining in the flow of the words. Rather than cashing in your chips I would encourage you to think about writing stories for those who need help expressing how GBS has affected them and their lives. I would dare say that children might benefit the most from a story of yours. So before you give up why don’t you see if you can woo the little princess with your words. If you can’t muster the strength to impress her with your physical prowess give her the words and expressions to enable her to help others understand. By the way I’m 2.5 years post and 56 years old so I can relate.