Reply To: Hands Can Heal

February 14, 2013 at 3:04 am

Hello Larry. I’m sorry your brother is still suffering. Very cool that you are looking out for him .

I had GBS and can’t say that I fully understand the recovery/maintenance for CIDP, hopefully someone will chime in. My friend Rory is dealing with CIDP, but he still plays his guitar.

My hands may have some permanent disability from axonal damage, or so I am told. Hopefully, your brother will be able to get back. I stretch a lot (I often appear a little OCD about it), therapy putty, squeeze balls. A Planet Waves Varigrip finger exerciser can be bought online or at a good music store. For guitarists they’re gimmicky, but for therapy they work (and they’re much cheaper than the ‘Gripmaster’). Hand-drumming kept me musical when I couldn’t hold a guitar. Massage therapy is wonderful.