Reply To: Gracie-4 years old

July 28, 2012 at 4:26 am

Hi Kelly,
I think we are basically on the same wave length. If I take your original figure of 2gms/kg then at 100kg I should receive 200gms.
200 divided by 5 days is 40gms per day (per infusion), which is what I received.
Since I have lost some weight, then I am actually receiving a higher dose per kg.
However my progress is extremely slow and I have been on Ivig for two years now. I received a second loading dose 7 months ago. For every 100 steps forward I seem to take 99 back, but I guess that means that I am still coming out in front. I also spent 12 months on Methotrexate and am now on Imuran.
Regards Tim