Reply To: Get Tested!

February 17, 2013 at 11:00 pm

Excuse me? I have CIDP and I know very well that it is an illness. It’s causes are not well understood, but it is generally thought to be triggered by an infection of some kind, one of which may be Bartonellosis. If Bartonellosis is a trigger, it is rare one, according to the report to which I linked. I, and I expect most people on this site who have CIDP, do not have Bartonellosis. We do not need to be tested for Bartonellosis unless we have some symptoms which suggest it.

If I am missing your point, it is only because you have not clearly expressed one and because your understanding of CIDP seems a bit muddled. You seem to be more interested in promoting diagnosis and treatment of Bartonellosis than CIDP. That’a worthwhile objective, but thete is another web site for that disease.

If your son’s CIDP is in remission, then I am happy for him however it came about. I am also happy that his Bartonellosis has been diagnosed and is being treated. Best wishes to you all.