Reply To: GBS/AMAN acute motor axonal neuropathy

May 11, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Recovery from nerve damage takes a long time, up to a few years. The degree of recovery depends on the nature of the damage. Damaged axons may not recover fully. However, you seem to be making progress and should continue to hope for and work at achieving the best recovery you can.

I haven’t heard this classification before (it is merely descriptive anyway), and I am classified as CIDP, not GBS. But I, too, was paralyzed below the neck. Two and a half years ago my legs and feet were at zero motor function, with evidence of axonal damage. Today I walk without assistive devices (but cannot run).

To improve balance, you need exercises which work the torso. I assume you are getting professional physical therapy. If so, they will get to that in time.